Do you dream of a job where you can travel a lot? With the right skills you can find a job where regular travel is part of your job responsibilities. Here you will find the best jobs for people that like to travel:


As a buyer, you buy products, services or raw materials for the organization you work for. Buyers can be found in all sectors, from a clothing store to a hospital. As a buyer, you determine the purchasing policy, look for suppliers and negotiate about prices. Depending on where the company gets its products from, you travel a lot as a buyer. As a buyer, you also visit various trade fairs to keep up to date with the latest trends in your field.

Event Coordinator

A job where you organize large-scale events and trade fairs can be perfect for everyone who loves to travel. You are responsible for the end to end production. You make appointments with different parties and travel to the event to coordinate everything.

Travel advisor

Working as an independent travel advisor or as a travel advisor at a travel agency can be very satisfying if you like to travel. As a travel advisor, you advise people on trips with the aim of selling them. To give travelers good advice, working visits to popular destinations sometimes occur. A bonus is that you can often travel with high discounts yourself.


Your passion for photography can make you see a lot of the world. Photoshoots for advertisements or advertorials often take place abroad. If you really want to travel a lot, it’s best to go for wedding photography. With a good camera and a talent for photography, you can be paid to spend a few days in a tropical destination capturing the most beautiful day of someone’s life.


As a consultant you are hired by different companies to give advice in a certain area, varying from management, marketing to IT. Your clients can be located anywhere in the world. How long you stay in a location depends on the company and how much advice is needed. The word consultant is a broad concept. Think about which discipline you would like to give advice on. If you want to travel as a consultant, choose an international company with international clients.

Working on a cruise ship

If you work on a cruise ship, you literally earn your money as you travel the world. You also get free meals and accommodation. There are opportunities for people with many different backgrounds. Do expect long working days.

Ski instructor

Whether you want to tie the skis for one or more seasons, there are always jobs available in the ski season. There are also special programs where you follow a recognized course as a ski instructor or snowboard instructor with a job guarantee, more information can be found here.


If you are fluent in at least two languages, a job as a translator can show you a lot of the world. Translators are needed at meetings, international conferences, in courts, at refugee camps and at multinationals. Normally you are stuck to a location, but you can see a lot of the world if you work with temporary contracts. You need a language diploma and specialist knowledge in the field you want to translate. In addition, as a translator, you can also easily freelance. This allows you to live, travel and, in the meantime, carry out translation assignments.


An archaeologist tries to reconstruct the past on the basis of material remains. These material remains can be anywhere in the world, which is why you see a lot of the world as an archaeologist. This is the perfect job for anyone who loves history, culture and traveling. To become an archaeologist, you need a Bachelor.


banen voor mensen die van reizen houden
This is perhaps the most obvious job for people who love to travel, but also one that is easy to get. You do not need a special prior education. Expect irregular working hours. This job is not always easy, but you visit hundreds of cities in your career. An advantage is that you can fly yourself with high discounts.

English teacher

An advantage of speaking English is that there are many people in the world who want to learn this language. Working as an English teacher is one of the easiest ways to see a lot of the world. In order to start as a teacher, a specific certificate is often required. Here you can request a free brochure about working abroad as an English teacher.

Construction manager

As a construction manager, you manage the development of new buildings. You are responsible for meeting deadlines, keeping the workers aligned and making sure you stick to the budget. As a construction manager you sometimes work on several projects, which means that you travel a lot to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


As a journalist, you can choose to work on location, perhaps for the company where you work. In addition, a journalist is also a profession that you can carry out as a freelancer abroad, which makes it an ideal job for people who love traveling.

Au Pair

If you love children, you can work abroad as an au pair. As an au pair, you live with a host family and you get room and board in exchange for taking care of the children. On top of that you get a small salary. An advantage is that you experience a lot of the culture of another country. Here you can request a free brochure about working abroad as an au pair.


If you are not seasick and want to know more about life under the ocean, a career as an oceanographer can be suitable for you. If you work as an oceanographer you spend a lot of time in laboratories, but also on sea ships with which you sometimes sail for months. The Marine offers jobs as an oceanographer.

Government position

If you have studied international relations or political science, you can look for work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There are also opportunities with other disciplines. As an employee, it is often necessary for you to travel a lot, or to relocate for your work.

Travel guide

As a travel guide, you guide tourists around and show them the most beautiful places in a city. Popular holiday destinations always need travel guides. In order to get started as a travel guide, it is important that you can deal well with people, preferably speak several languages and know a lot about the culture and history of the city. As a travel guide, you accompany travels around the world, for example for an organization like Djoser.


As a freelancer, the possibilities are endless. As a web designer, for example, you can easily work as a freelancer from anywhere in the world. But also think of professions such as a writer, filmmaker, yoga teacher … you can freelance a lot and see a lot of the world as a result. At this time you also see more and more people starting for themselves, freelance, and travel around the world. Some platforms where you can offer services as freelancers are and (Dutch market) and Upwork and (international market).