Volunteer work

Voluntary work can be a useful way to spend your time when you’re just graduated. If you can’t find a paid job, voluntary work can help you to stay active and do something good for society at the same time. Besides, volunteer work looks good on your resume and it helps you to gain work experience. One of the most common reasons for not being able to find a job is a lack of work experience. Voluntary work can make your resume more relevant to employers. Volunteer work can also be a good choice if you’re not sure yet what kind of job you would like or want to transition into a different work field than the one you studied for.


You can do activities with elderly people as volunteer work

You can find volunteer work through newspapers and the internet. You can also join a volunteering organization. If you want to do volunteer work for a specific organization you can directly reach out to them.

1. Volunteer work at charities

Most charities can use volunteers, you can have a look at the websites of GreenpeaceUnicefRode Kruis, Kika or the Dierenbescherming.

2. Volunteer work per group

Volunteer work often focusses on specific groups:

Of course, there are way more organizations, charities, and groups who need volunteers. Think carefully what kind of volunteer work and organization would suit you best.

3. Marketplace for volunteers

NLvoorelkaar brings together the supply and demand of volunteering work and volunteers. You can think of doing chores in the house, doing groceries, doing sports with a buddy etc. The website We Helpen allows you to find volunteering work and at the same time offer your time as a volunteer, varying from dog sitting to cooking.  The goal of Nederland Cares is to increase the social involvement of young professionals. You can subscribe online for flexible volunteering work where the focus is to meet people from a different, less fortunate background.


  • Look for volunteering work that is in line with the work you’re looking for, especially if you don’t have that much work experience yet.
  • Keep looking for paid work next to your volunteering work.
  • Volunteering work can have consequences for your unemployment benefit
  • Volunteer work can be great for working on your network at the same time
  • Ask for a reference from your contact person. This reference can help you in further job applications.

    Did you ever consider doing volunteering work abroad?