Study Abroad

Do you want to continue studying after your graduation? Why not study abroad? A study abroad gives you an academic challenge and is a nice addition to your CV. Moreover, you can experience what it is like to study in a country with a different language and culture. There are scholarships available for students who want to go abroad. Keep in mind that studying abroad requires a lot of preparation time and you have to deal with tight deadlines. You can also study for a shorter period abroad, for example by attending summer courses or a language course:

1. Finding a study abroad

Not sure which study you want to follow? Or what kind of education is offered in the country where you want to study? On the sites of bachelor portal, master portal and phdportal you can find and compare thousands of studies worldwide.

2. Applying for a scholarship

studeren in het buitenland

If you want to study in the US you can apply for a Fulbright scholarship

If you want to do part of your studies abroad, there are various scholarship opportunities. Keep the admission requirements in mind and the deadlines for registration:

    • VSBfonds Beurs 
      VSBfonds Beurs is for graduated bachelor’s or master’s students who want to continue studying abroad or do research. More information and registration can be done here
    • Prins Bernard Culture Fund
      The Prins Bernard Culture Fund will make a Culture Fund scholarship available for talented graduate academics who wish to study abroad. With the scholarship it should be possible to pursue a future as a scientist, actor, visual artist, musician or dancer. More information and registration can be done here
    • Fulbright program
      The Fulbright program offers scholarships for graduates who want to study further in the United States. There are many different possibilities. More information and registration can be done here

For an overview of all scholarship programs, please visit  and scholarshipportal.

3. Summer school abroad

Many universities offer special summer courses. For those who want to spend a short period abroad, a summer course can be the ideal opportunity. A course can be very general, for example focusing on the language and culture of the country, but the program can also focus on a particular subject or course. For more information, you can look at Studyabroadlinks and Summerschoolsineurope.

4. Language course abroad

Before you start studying abroad you can start a language course, or take a language course instead of a study. During a language course you quickly get to know new people, but of course you also learn the language. A few well-known organizations that offer language courses are EFStudy-globe, Language International and Travel Active. You can also look for a language course via the internet and embassies. The programs vary from a week to a whole year.

Did you ever consider volunteering abroad or working abroad?