About Afgestudeerd En Dan? 

Afgestudeerd En Dan? (translation: ‘Graduated And Then?’) is the online guide for graduates looking for a successful career.

Afgestudeerd En Dan? presents an overview of all the possibilities after graduation. Here you find new initiatives and organizations that can help you further, whether you want to work, travel, start your own company or do volunteer work. The possibilities are endless!

Afgestudeerd En Dan? has been found by Anouk in the summer of 2015. After her own graduation (MSc. Social Psychology), she couldn’t find online information what it means to be graduated. What kind of practical things need to be arranged? Which organizations offer traineeships? What are the options to go abroad? But most of all the questions: what now? The aim of Afgestudeerd En Dan? is to help people in the search after graduation. After her own graduation, Anouk started working at a startup in HR. Currently, she’s working as a recruiter at a big multinational, where she helps people in finding a meaningful career on a daily basis.


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